BHD Group Services is proud of our enviable safety and performance record and year on year growth. BHD conducts it daily operations in accordance with BHD’s “double zero approach” (zero LTI’s and zero NPT’s).

BHD is also proud of its strong commitment to improving our own safety culture and that of our client base. We believe our HSE Management System has supported us to effectively identify, assess and control hazards or risks in our own workplace and on client sites.

BHD also engage independent Health & Safety specialists to provide additional technical support in monitoring, evaluation and review of its HSE Management system.

BHD ensures effective Hazard and Risk Identification, Hazard/Risk Assessment and control of hazards/risks is undertaken on all proposed works.

Vision Statement

BHD Group Services vision is to be the industry’s most valued and respected company for its people, performance and integrity. BHD is committed to providing quality service through training and leadership, and innovated systems and specialised equipment.

We Don’t Wait for Possibilities, We Create Them


BHD Group Services mission is to create a zero incident/accident culture by working with clients and contractors, eliminating workplace hazards and modifying unsafe behaviour through education, effective performance and management procedures.


It’s No Effort to Do It Safely